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My New Book
Prince of Dragons
Available on Kindle or Paperback at Amazon.com

  Like so much in life, this book is not what it seems to be. This is a story of light, life and love. This is the book about everything Churchianity and organized religion forgot about long, long ago.

  We come into this world so weak and undeveloped that we can't even hold our own heads up and with a brain so complicated it will not finish growing for another 25 years. With these meager resources we must face a very hostile world we know nothing about while having not the slightest idea of why we are here in the first place.

  Yes, this is a story of a dragon but he is not a fire breathing dinosaur. Dragons are rare and elusive trans-dimensional creatures that come into our world from the dimension of dark matter and dark energy. They tend to live for many centuries, may be extremely intelligent, are very formidable when provoked, and because of their trans-dimensional nature, often exhibit behavior people unacquainted with quantum physics regard as being magical.

  But this is also the story of Michael, the Boy Prince, who constantly snuck off into the woods or went fishing instead of going to mass. It is the story of his mother, Catherine, first the slave of the Moorish Prince Mohammed and later the unwilling Viking Queen of Hendaye. It is the story of her illegitimate son Rupert, of her daughter Margret, the most intelligent of the Vikings, and of William who became the love of Margret's life.

  And Finally, this is the story of what happened at the end of the Ninth Century when the forces of Islam, Christianity and the Vikings clashed at the insignificant village of Hendaye, France setting off a chain of events beyond the control of any of them.

  This is the story of that time: of a corrupt church, a lawless nobility, of forbidden knowledge and, above all else, it is the story of trying to live an inspired and courageous life in a very complicated world most of us do not understand very well.
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